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Gobi International is a market research agency and business information publisher established in 1994. The headquarters is in London, with a partner offices in the United States and Poland. We have research associates in China, India, Japan, Brazil and Russia. Gobi International's research clients include governments, management consultants, banks and multinationals. The agency specialises in fast, competitively priced business-to-business desk research project. The agency also offers field research. It is believed that Gobi International was the first Western b2b agency to conduct a project in Russia.

Gobi International publishes reports on over two hundred markets in almost every country of the world.

gobi international strengths

Our reputation has largely grown through word-of-mouth. Clients favour the heavy emphasis on statistics, standardised layouts/formats and annual updates of reports.

gobi international markets

Gobi International established its name as the leading authority on the world wire and cable market, and has expanded to publish on a range of industrial subjects. The markets studied fall within thirteen sectors, although a 'Consumer Market Report' series is soon to be published:

  • Wire and Cable
  • Automotive Industry
  • Building Products
  • Chemicals and Plastics
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Electrical Power Products
  • Energy
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Ferrous Metals
  • Non-ferrous Metals
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Soft Commodities
  • Telecoms and Electronics

gobi international reports

content intensive
Gobi International market research is short on opinion and long on facts. They include short-term forecasts based on existing trends.

reliable and straightforward
In researching market information, numerous sources are studied including national statistical agencies, international agencies, industry associations, trade press, business publications, industry contacts and company sources. All information has been translated into English and converted into US Dollars.

quality and unbiased research techniques
Unlike many sector analysts, we conduct 'bottom up' research which involves reviewing each individual piece of data and building up an understanding of the industry. We do not bring any prior assumptions or opinions to our research. Gobi International seeks to provide authoritative information on all parts of the world, not just OECD countries. Emerging economies are an increasingly important section of the market and often offer good prospects for business development. Gobi International presents all our information so that clients can form their own opinions.